CSP’s own brand is among the best valued brands of school supplies at social networks.

In May 2016, Liderpapel has got more than 10,300 followers on the world-famous social network Facebook. A success achieved by the involvement of the stationeries and office suppliers who are clients of CSP, the schools that have visited Liderpapel’s factory, teachers who are prescribers of the brand, parents that share their experience with their children and Liderpapel products, besides the great universe of users participating in competitions held regularly in

For 40 years, Liderpapel has achieved a wide range of products which are derived from paper and cardboard: More than 1,500 stationery, school supplies and office products.  Liderpapel’s factory has more than 3,200 m2 and is located in Málaga.  It has the latest machinery as bielomatik train, which makes 1 bloc / second. The designs are innovative, attractive and have the advice of education professionals at the same time.

In addition, in 2016 Liderpapel expands its best collection: antartik. It is its range of products of the highest quality, modern and attractive design. Antartik says a lot about you. Antartik is a fashion accessory.

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